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Domtrac™ is a modern application for Document Process Management by company Docucom AG. It uses the configurable Enterprise Engine with many predefined modules, aimed at quickly and effectively processing in multiple threads large volumes of data from core systems and creating data for defined channels – print files for printing solutions and enveloping lines, personalised e-mails including attachments, documents and metadata for Archiving Systems (Filenet, Documentum, …). All within a few hours. To create print outputs, it uses standard application modules, such as HP Exstream Engine, GMC Inspire CLI (PNetT C) and more.

The main goal of product Diamond is to provide our customers robust solutions for Document Management System in the range of functionalities which are currently required in such robust solutions. The existing Enterprise products for DMS provide within their licence too many features, making the products complicated and costly to operate. The solution can be used either locally or as a service.

The main purpose of product Docucloud is to provide customers with solutions for the creation of personalised content. You can define content through a simple user editor which can be accessed directly from the Docucloud environment. The editor’s functionality allows the creation of personalised content from the data provided in CSV or XML form. The solution can be used either locally or as a service.

Solution Areas

Interactive Documents

Our interactive document solution allows you to make your business processes more efficient. Employees can only edit preset blocks of text, thus providing you with security and control over your documents. Access rights and controlled access to content on the level of each parameter ensures that the risk of abuse is minimal.

With interactive documents, you can conclude a contract immediately and anywhere. The ability to work quickly in the field will make your business process more efficient.

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Process Management

Optimally set-up processes will save you time in the long-run and will ensure that all standard procedures are followed. Introduce strong procedures in important processes such as dunning procedures, creation of contracts and more.

We will set-up your key processes to your full satisfaction.

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Data and Format Conversion

Please contact us whenever you need data conversion, regardless of whether you need to use current standards or formats no longer common today. Using heterogeneous systems also means encountering a variety of formats. Their proper conversion is necessary for further processing of the data.

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Online Documents

Speed, stability and low demands on hardware are the definition of our solution. While online, your employees will be able to generate documents necessary for the realisation of your business deals be they accounts or contracts. The document can be immediately delivered to the customer in your office or shop. Our “online” will mean your productivity of work.

Work effectively. You can work simultaneously with dozens of documents using only a single server.

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PDF Optimisation

Do your scans take up too much space in your company storage? We can reduce the space required by up to 80 %.

Our solution utilises a unique technology which ensures that when converting a colour original to PDF/A, the file size will correspond to the size of a black and white TIFF G4 scan, i.e. approximately 25 kB per page. In addition, if the original PDF is created through scanning, the PDF/A file can contain a layer which allows OCR systems to recognize text inside scanned pictures and figures. The document can thus be indexed in full-text and easily searched through for specific words and passages.

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Thanks to the use of well-rounded components with minimum requirements for customisation, we can make your working processes more efficient by up to 70 %. We can propose an efficient use of available resources, technologies and the implementation of individual processes which will lead to an increase in productivity in the heterogeneous world of systems you use. We will provide your data a direct path to OMS.

We will speed up the creation of your printing templates. Our unique methodology saves up to 40 % of the work needed to implement each new printing template.

We can save space on your storage devices. We use technologies which save up to 80 % of space in storage for colour scanned documents.

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Make use of our extensive experience from a number of realised projects. We will take you along the most effective path in using technologies to develop your business and reach your goals. Only an experienced professional can allow you see the whole picture. We are here to help. Those who have trusted in us in the past are now flourishing.

Require your employees to have large amounts of expertise and knowledge in the field. We can provide training which will aid you in optimal use of the system, show you the newest trends in the field and teach your employees to use the available tools effectively. A business requires constant development to become one of the best.

Working with people requires taking responsibility. Our project managers can take your projects to the set goal quickly and safely. Take advantage of our focus on results.

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Our products can be used either locally or as a service. We use local providers for your data storage. Thus, we ensure that your data does not leave the country. In addition, we use dedicated servers not shared by other companies. Our data is safe and backed up with the greatest care in accordance with the latest standards.

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We design and implement printing templates in a wide range of Enterprise products. We will speed up the creation of your printing templates. Our unique methodology saves up to 40 % of the work needed to implement each new printing template.

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  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Utility & Telco
  • Printing Service Providers
  • Call Centres
  • Mail Operators
  • State Administration
  • E-shops
  • Industry

The large number of systems used for creating client documentation creates the need for effective control and administration of Central Output Management as well as clear company rules for the creation of documentation. We will assist you in making the document creation process and Output Management more cost effective, and in minimising the risks associated with these processes.

Ensuring quick and, above all, flawless creation and distribution of business documentation is key for securing a position on this quick and tough market. We provide solutions which bring an immediate decrease in costs, increase in productivity of work and, primarily, control over the entire process, including audit and securing feedback from clients.

The need to create documents online and to safeguard your documents against editing are also great opportunities for us to find ways to reduce your costs and increase the reliability, stability and productivity of the process while immediately decreasing your operating costs.

Our solution will aid you and your clients in providing higher added value.

We are ready to give you a helping hand.

About the Company

The company Docucom CEE s.r.o. was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Swiss company Docucom AG. During its operation on the Central European market, Docucom CEE has gained the position of a major, product-independent provider of services in Document Output Management.

We cooperate with a number of partners and come offering a “Best of Breed” concept, which means we use the best tools on the market for each solution area, while fulfilling the basic condition of the conceptuality of the entire solution and flawless integration of individual components. Thanks to our approach, the customer gains maximum added value and obtains reliable solutions fully in line with his or her demands.



From now on, we will inform you directly at your e-mail address about our offers, new products and other matters of interest.



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Slovakia subsidiary

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